A Journey of Self-Discovery

Spring is finally here! Therefore, we want to share the sciencepreneurship story of David Schepkowski. David’s story may be familiar to many of you, as he tried to find a balance between his research, academic, and private life responsibilities while carrying different passions in his heart. Fortunately, he found a way out and became a self-determining sciencepreneur, now helping others to overcome similar struggles. He shared his journey with an open heart in the interview below. Enjoy reading!

Connecting Scientific Knowledge Worldwide

Before transitioning into sciencepreneurship, Alventina Evagrofa was building a career as a researcher in environmental sciences. After completing her PhD, she delved into the startup world, where her aspirations of owning a business began to take root. Explore her inspiring tale of transitioning from a dedicated researcher to a driven entrepreneur, culminating in the recent launch of her startup, Researchpreneurs!

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