Winds of change

It was a windy day at the shores of the Wannsee in Berlin at the YES Summer Meet & Greet

In soil we trust

The Göttingen-based startup Agvolution built a system that gathers data and turns it into reliable maps and models that help save water and prevent damage.

Saving the planet, one SDG at a time

With Sustain.All, Bengisu Berispek strives to build a network bridging the gap between project makers, volunteers, and sponsors to help reach the UN’s sustainable development goals.

A head full of images

Introducing … Kati Szilágyi! The Berlin-based illustrator is the mastermind behind the colourful images heading our newsletters.

Fuels of the future

Alex Hammer and his cofounders are looking for the needle in the hay, or rather: the needle in the universe.

More than one way up

YES alumnus Michael Maurer is adapted to change: He left his academic career as a biochemist, launched a startup and quit again – in pursuit of his personal fulfilment.

At the heartbeat of machines

Young startup Novo AI aims to prevent unplanned machine failures that cause manufacturers significant losses of revenue. “It needs a change of mindset”, says Novo AI founder Hemanth Mandapati.

From Big to Better

Leveraging big data for the greater good: The Falling Walls Science Summit on 7–9 November 2021 gathered the cutting-edge innovations from across the globe …

Drop by drop to better diagnoses

When it comes to battling infectious diseases, early detection is essential. Gabriela Figueroa Miranda has been working on a user-friendly biosensor that will enable patients and doctors alike to identify specific malaria parasites in the blood.

Is it art or is it a pixel?

Against the odds, Young Entrepreneurs in Science alumna and art historian from Tübingen, Gaia Schlegel, decided to fulfil her dream of an online art gallery with her business Kunstkennerey, which launched on 1 September 2021.

A brighter future for solar

A small team around Claudiu Mortan in Stuttgart combines a printing technique with the mineral Perovskite to develop lightweight and recyclable solar cells – which could even go up to space.

Best of both worlds

Laura Turco is a researcher to the core: ever-curious, analytical, hard-working, and passionate about her field. As a matter of fact, these very traits took her to strike a new path – off the academic route.

From Business to Purpose

It is easy to shrug off mindfulness as just another trend out of self-help books. But its potential for economic transformation should not be underestimated, according to Fabrice Mielke, founder of MindEvolved.

The city as playground

As president of Hungarian NGO kultúrAktív, Anna Szilágyi-Nagy empowers children to take part in urban decision making …

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Viola Prifti wears many hats. As postdoctoral researcher she investigates how intellectual property can accelerate sustainability transitions and writes about plant variety protection.

Size does matter

Piloting with studies on bats, electrical engineer Niklas Duda developed miniature tags for a multi-functional wireless system that can trace almost anything …

Swiping for Science

Mariëlle van Kooten, PhD candidate at ETH Zurich, convinced the Falling Walls Lab Jury in Berlin with her confidence on stage and witty storytelling …

Addressing the Undruggable

Life science startup PROSION has found an innovative way to form potential drugs against a variety of hard-to-treat diseases.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda?

According to startup founder Christoph Biermeier, a failure is what you make of it. Read our interview about his fuckups and lessons learned …

Mind the gap

For an English speaker, the internet is a house with open doors.

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