Terms & Conditions for Participants

1. Who can participate?

All doctoral researchers and postdocs of all disciplines who are matriculated at or employed by a university or other recognised institute of higher education in Germany are eligible for participation, also if the primary doctoral supervisor is employed at a non-university research institution.

2. Registration, participation and waiting list

Doctoral researchers and postdocs register for the workshop formats using our online registration form. The deadline for registration, unless otherwise specified, is 14 days before the workshop begins. Registration is binding for all days of the workshop. Each workshop programme is limited to 25 places. We will send participants a confirmation by e-mail before the workshop, usually 14 days prior. If you do not receive a confirmation of participation, you will be placed on the waiting list and informed if a place becomes available. The spots for our workshops are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Any photographic material created may be used by the entire Falling Walls Foundation.

3. Cost of the workshop

Participation in the Young Entrepreneurs in Science workshops and webinars is free for doctoral researchers and postdocs. The following applies to our on-site workshops: Meals will be provided. All participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from the place where the workshop is held.

4. Cancellation and illness

We would like to reach as many doctoral researchers and postdocs as possible with our workshop formats, which is why participation is free. In return, you agree to inform us immediately if you are unable to attend the workshop due to illness or another important reason. This gives other people who wish to attend (those on the waiting list) the chance to do so. Please note that at the end of our full day workshop we will only issue you a certificate of attendance if you were present on all days of the workshop.

5. Liability

By registering for one of our on-site workshops, you agree that, upon confirmation of participation, you shall adhere to the house rules of the location we rent for the duration of the event. You shall be fully liable for any damages you cause.

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